Clip Lengths and Variety

I’ve been playing around with some video I shot last year at Big White. It’s really cool to go back and look at it, but it’s a lot to sit through. I’m facing two major difficulties, that are somewhat similar.

  1. It’s all the same! While it was fun and didn’t seem like it at the time, I’ve got lots of footage of the same thing. In this case it’s the tubing hill. And while it’s a fantastic experience in person, POV video gets really boring after like two runs. So that collection of 12 runs is pretty useless and goes unused.
  2. It’s really long! Storage is cheap and plentiful. I went in with the attitude that I could just hit record and let it go, and sort it out later. And current me hates past me for it. Going through three 11:49 clips of forward facing snowmobiling looking for that one cool thing in the middle of somewhere is difficult. And when it’s shaky and not in a logical order, it’s even harder.

My advice? Well I sadly don’t have anything specific to mention that I can say works. But I can say, different views/perspectives/angles can really help later on. And something at the beginning or end of the video to indicate what happened in that clip can’t hurt. Something at a defined point you can go to and find what is worth looking closer for.

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